An Integration Platform of High-Throughput Preparation, Ultrafast Heat Treatment and Multi-Channel Spectral Characterization

Jiacheng Wang1, Qian Liu1

1State Key Laboratory of High Performance Ceramics and Superfine Microstructure, Shanghai Institute of Ceramics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Shanghai, 200050, China 

EXTENDED ABSTRACT: Quick experiment method is one of the three core material gene engineering. The preparation and characterization of materials library, which are typical representative of rapid experimental methods, can quickly get the sample composition screening/performance optimization of data, to research and development goal of halving half the time and cost, and to provide materials informatics and artificial intelligence to dig new material test data base. In the preparation technology of material sample library, multichannel parallel synthesis array sample library is an important branch. A large number of samples with quasi-continuous composition or gradient variation can be quickly obtained by parallel synthesis strategy, from which target materials with the best composition and performance can be screened. The traditional "trial and error" development mode change for the new model of system optimization, can significantly improve the efficiency of research and development, realize the rapid preparation of samples, and the sample array of each individual in the sample space scale and the size is enough to meet existing structure characterization and performance test technology requirement for samples, thus building material composition - technology - the link between the structure and performance [1]. Multi-channel parallel synthesis and fast wideband spectrum testing techniques needed for material genetic engineering still need to be improved and expanded to meet the needs of different material systems and application backgrounds. It is of great significance to develop the technology and equipment for parallel rapid synthesis, heat treatment and spectral testing of array samples to meet the urgent needs of rapid experimental technology in material genetic engineering. In order to further demonstrate the effectiveness of the method, we applied it to the rapid discovery and optimization of functional powder materials such as phosphor and infrared radiation materials, highlighting its advanced nature and application value.

 Keywords: genetic engineering; material library; Parallel composition; spectral testing


[1] Qian Liu, Jiacheng Wang, Zhenzhen Zhou, et al. Research Progress on High Throughput Parallel Synthesis of Micro-nano Powders Libraries[J]. Journal of lnorganic Materials, 2021, 36(12): 1237-1246.

Brief Introduction of Speaker
Jiacheng Wang

Prof. Jiacheng Wang, PhD supervisor, Shanghai Institute of Ceramics, CAS.