About Forum

The Forum of Materials Genome Engineering (ForMGE) is one of International Top-level Forums on Engineering Science and Technology Strategy hosted by the Chinese Academy of Engineering (CAE). ForMGE focuses on playing a positive role in establishment and promotion of the new paradigm in materials science and new research methods on materials discovery, promoting the development and application of key technologies from MGE. It has been successfully held in Guangzhou, Beijing, Kunming, Mianyang and Zhengzhou in the past five years from 2017, with around 1000 attendees every year, promoting the development and application of material genetic engineering in the aspects of basic theories, frontier technologies, and key equipment, and strengthening international exchanges. The 6th ForMGE will be held on Dec 15-28, 2022, in Hangzhou, China. This forum is hosted by Chinese Academy of Engineering and Chinese Materials Research Society, organized by Hangzhou Municipal Government, University of Science and Technology Beijing, Department of Chemical Engineering, Metallurgy and Material Engineering of CAE, Industry Development and Promotion Center of Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and Beijing Advanced Innovation Center for Materials Genome Engineering.
International scientists and engineers are welcome to register to attend the forum for the online part. For the latest information, please follow the official website: www. ForMGE.cn
1. High-efficient material computation and design
2. High-throughput materials processing and characterization
3. High effective evaluation and life prediction technologies for materials service
4. Materials database and big data technologies
5. Application of MGE technologies