About Forum

Material genome engineering is the integration of cutting-edge technologies including large-scale high-efficiency computing, automation/autonomy/intelligent experimentation, big data, and artificial intelligence. It constructs transformative research and development (R&D) models and innovative cultures. By integrating key technologies and interdisciplinary fusion, and collaborating across the entire chain, it develops new models and technological innovation systems for materials manufacturing and product applications. This approach enhances the efficiency of new materials R&D, reduces R&D costs, accelerates the transformation and application of material engineering. It is an effective way to respond to the new pattern and situation of future international competition.
The 7th Forum of Materials Genome Engineering is one of the most influential academic conferences in the field of new materials. Its aim is to harness the wisdom of top international scientists, focus on cutting-edge development areas, share the latest research findings, promote the development of material genome engineering, facilitate the engineering application of key technologies, and enhance the original innovation capability in the field of new materials.
Since 2017, the forum of materials genome engineering has been held for six consecutive sessions in Guangzhou, Beijing, Kunming, Mianyang, Zhengzhou, and Hangzhou. The forum has seen the participation of nearly 230 academicians from home and abroad, over 350 overseas representatives from more than 20 countries and regions, and more than 6,000 domestic representatives. The forum of materials genome engineering has played a profound and positive role in promoting the formation and dissemination of revolutionary new concepts and models in materials research and development. It has facilitated the development and application of key technologies in material gemone engineering, as well as the intelligent research and development of materials and the digital transformation of the industry. It is a high-level international academic conference in the field of material genome engineering with significant international influence.
To further promote the development and application of the basic theories, cutting-edge technologies, and key equipment in material genome engineering, strengthen international exchanges, and accelerate the research and application of new materials in China, the 7th Forum of Materials Genome Engineering is organized. It is sponsored by the Chinese Society for Materials Research and the Management Committee of Chongqing High-tech Zone in the Western Science City, and co-organized by Chongqing University, University of Science and Technology Beijing, and Beijing Yunzhi Materials Big Data Research Institute. The forum is scheduled to be held in Chongqing from Dec. 5th to 7th, 2023.