Design of biodegradable magnesium alloys for vascular stent and the multi-objective optimization of stent structure based on material genetic engineering

Shaokang Guan1*, Yafei Li1, Chao Wang1, Xiaoxiu Wei1, Haobing Hou1, Di Mei1, Jianfeng Wang1

1*Zhengzhou University, Zhengzhou, 450001, China

EXTENDED ABSTRACT: Magnesium and its alloys have received extensive attention due to their good biocompatibility, mechanical compatibility, and biodegradability. However, most of the existing commercial Mg alloys contain toxic or potentially toxic alloying element. Moreover, the degradation behavior of these commercial alloys in simulated body fluids and animal bodies mostly exhibits severe localized corrosion, which may result in losing its supporting force prematurely. Therefore, how to quickly develop new type of biomedical Mg alloys that meets the requirements is one of the frontier topics in this field. Material genetic engineering revolutionize the material research and development model, greatly improve the research and development efficiency of new materials. Herein, based on first principles, machine learning, finite element methods and other calculation/simulation methods, the synergy concept of controllable degradability, strength/toughness and devices biological have been properties of investigated, biomedical including Mg alloys "calculation and prediction on the volta potential difference between second phased and Mg matrix", "high-throughput screening and prediction of corrosion inhibitors”“genetic algorithm for strength and toughness optimization of biomedical Mg alloys based on machine learning and “multi-objective optimization of properties and structure of Mg alloy vascular stents”, which provide feasible technical support for the development and application of biodegradable Mg materials and devices.

Keywords: Biodegradable magnesium alloy; Genetic engineering; Vascular stents; the synergy of durability, controllable degradability, and biocompatibility

Brief Introduction of Speaker
Shaokang Guan

Prof. Shaokang Guan has completed his PhD from University of Science and Technology Beijing, and currently as a professor/doctoral supervisor at Zhengzhou University. He has undertaken nearly 30 projects such as "863", "973", National Support Program, National Natural Fund Key Project, etc. He has achieved a series of innovative researches in fully biodegradable Mg alloy stents, biodegradable Mg alloy bone implant devices and aluminum alloy panels for new energy vehicles.