Investigations of multi-scale regulation and in-situ characterization of high temperature piezoelectric ceramics

Zhiyong Zhou

Shanghai Institute of Ceramics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, 201899, Shanghai, China

EXTENDED ABSTRACT: High temperature piezoelectric ceramics with layered structures (including bismuth layer and perovskite layer), characterized by high Curie temperature (TC: 650-1500°C), are the key functional components of high temperature piezoelectric sensors, transducers and other devices at 500°C and above, and are widely used in the fields of aerospace and nuclear energy for vibration monitoring and structural health management under high temperature, high radiation, complex vibration and other harsh enviromnents. Focusing on the bottleneck of low piezoelectric coefficient d33 of layered piezoelectric ceramics, the piezoelectric properties were improved by means of A/B co-doping and ion-pairing effect doping, and the structure-property relationship between structure and piezoelectric properties was systematically studied. d33 of bismuth layered Bi4Ti3O12 piezoelectric ceramic was increased from 7pC/N to 40.2 pC/N. In view of the lack of situ high-temperature testing technology and equipment to study the service stability of high-temperature piezoelectric ceramics, based on the quasi-static and dynamic resonance methods, a multi parameter in-situ characterization technology and testing system from room temperature to 700 °C were developed, and the temperature stability of high-temperature piezoelectric ceramics was studied in depth, which promoted the practical application of piezoelectric materials and related devices in high-temperature fields.

Keywords: bismuth layer, perovskite layer, piezoelectricity, multi parameter in-situ characterization, high-temperature application 

Brief Introduction of Speaker
Zhou Zhiyong

Zhou Zhiyong completed his PhD in Shanghai Institute of Ceramics, Chinese Academy of Sciences (SICCAS) in 2007 followed by postdoctoral research Jiilich Research Center in Germany as Humboldt research fellow and University of Newcastle upon Tyne in UK from 2008 to 2012. He is now a professor in SICCAS and mainly engaged in the research work of high-performance piezoelectric materials and device applications, artificial intelligence and information functional materials and has published more than 100 papers.