An Outline of the Integrated Calculation of Materials Engineering(ICME)

Libin Liu*, Xing Wang, Xiao Zhou, Guanglong Xu, Ligang Zhang

Weiming Bai, Bing Tang, Xinqi Yan

1Central South University, Changsha, Hunan 410083, China

 EXTENDED ABSTRACT: Since the 1980s, the scientific and engineering circles around the world are more and more aware that computer simulation is an indispensable tool to solve many scientific and technological problems. By the 1990s, a CALPHAD (CALculation of PHAse Diagram) method based on the phase diagram thermodynamics database was gradually improved, which accelerated the discovery, development and application of new materials by significantly reducing the amount of experimental workload required for material discovery. These databases have already had a strong impact on materials in aircraft engines and other advanced aerospace vehicles, including a steel alloy for aircraft landing gear, several polycrystalline and single nickel alloys for power generation and aircraft engine gas turbine components. In November 2006, the Integrated Computing Materials Engineering Committee (CICME) was established. In 2008, the American Academy of Sciences published a strategic research report of the National Materials Advisory Committee on Integrated Computing Materials Engineering, "Integrated Computing Materials Engineering(ICME): An Emerging Discipline of Enhancing Competitiveness and National Security". The report predicts that ICME will be a key factor in maintaining the competitiveness of the U. S. manufacturing. 2013 The American Metallurgical & Mining Materials Association(TMS) published a report on "Integrated Computing Materials Engineering: ICME Application in the Aviation, Automotive and Ship building Industries". Fifty experts, working in the ICME and its related fields, shared their views, knowledge, and experiences generated during performing the ICME process. Up till now, TMS has organized 6 world congresses on ICME. The research results reported in the conference showed that ICME can greatly save the development time and reduce the research and development of new materials.

Keywords: ICME; MGI; Materials Design; CALPHAD
[1] G. B. Olson, C. J. Kuehmann, Scripta Materialia 2014 70 (1) 25—30

[2]X. Liu, D.Furrer, J.Kosters,J.Holmes,NASA/CR2018-219771

Brief Introduction of Speaker
Libin Liu

Libin Liu has completed his PhD at the age of 29 years from Central South University and Postdoctoral Studies from School of Mechanical Engineering, Chalmers University, Sweden. He has published more than 150 papers in reputed journals and has been serving as member of Phase Diagram Academy Committee of Chinese Society of Physics.