S-5-15 Development and Imagination of Materials Genetic Engineering Application in the Field of Energy Storage Materials

Development and Imagination of Materials Genetic Engineering Application in the Field of Energy Storage Materials

Xinquan Wang*

 University of Electronic Science and Technology of China


ABSTRACT: New materials are an important support for the transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing industry and the basis for the new industrial revolution, and are one of the key areas of international competition. Compared with advanced developed countries, there is still a big gap in the overall level of our country's new material industry. In 2011, with the power of the nation, the United States took the lead in launching the Material Genome Project with the starting point to support the revival of the US manufacturing industry, so as to accelerate the application and industrialization of new materials continuously. The domestic material genetic engineering started late and the foundation is weak. After several years of research, our material genetic engineering has made significant progress, but there is still a gap between domestic level and the international advanced level. Material genetic engineering deeply integrates experimental science, theoretical science, computational science, and data-intensive science, and establishes internal connections between ingredients, processes, microstructures, and properties. On the basis of the above, the microstructures of materials are designed according to the performance requirements of materials. Its essence is the innovation of new material research and development mode, and also the innovation of thinking mode. The "Thirteenth Five-Year" Special Plan for Scientific and Technological Innovation in the Field of Materials requires the establishment of three platforms, the research and development of four key technologies, and the application and demonstration of five types of typical new materials, so as to realize the transformation of new materials development model from the traditional "experience guided experiment" to "theoretical prediction and experimental verification", and to achieve the goal of reducing the cycle and cost of new materials research and development by half. As one of the application demonstrations of typical new materials, energy storage materials have made significant progress in solid-state batteries, fuel cells, and solar cells with the help of material genetic engineering. However, there are few typical successful cases of systematic application of material genetic engineering to guide material research and development. In most cases a single method or a combination of several methods are used to guide material research and development. The collaboration between organizations is insufficient and the transformation of results is slow. In addition to theoretical and instrumental innovation, it is also necessary to strengthen industry-university-research cooperation, and to improve standardized and market application-oriented construction of the entire industry chain. In this paper, the progress of material genetic engineering in the field of energy storage materials at home and abroad in recent years is summarized, and the different characteristics of them are compared and analyzed from the aspects of technology level, system development mode, achievement sharing and transformation. Finally, imagination of the development of domestic material genetic engineering in the future is put forward.


 Keywords: Materials Genetic Engineering; High-Throughput Computations; High-Throughput Experiments; Energy Storage Materials; Artificial Intelligence


* Corresponding author: email: 18630936406@163.com

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Xinquan Wang

Xinquan Wang was vice President of Research Institute of Tianjin Lishen Battery Co., LTD., vice President of Ningxia Hanghan Graphene Research Institute (co., LTD.), , mainly engaged in the research of lithium ion battery and energy storage materials, have been taking long-term research and development projects for the advanced lithium electricity of the leading enterprises in the world. Award "Tianjin Innovation Talent Promotion Program: Youth Science and Technology Outstanding Talent", "Tianjin Special Talent Support Program: Youth Top Talent" and other talent programs winner.