Thinking on the Development Strategy of Advanced Materials Facing the China 2035

Thinking on the Development Strategy of Advanced Materials Facing the China 2035 

Jianxin Xie University of Science and Technology Beijing, Beijing 100083, China 

ABSTRACT: Advanced materials are not only a prerequisite for the development of economy, society, and national defense, but also a precursor for promoting high-tech and strategic emerging industries. They have cutting-edge, supportive and diverse characteristics, acting as the powerful and fundamental technology to support the economic and social development, scientific and technological progress, and national defense strength. Most of the key countries and regions in the world attach great importance to the basic support and leading role of advanced materials, and the developed countries have been continuously strengthening their monopoly and blockade of high-end technologies of advanced materials. The next fifteen years will be a crucial period for China's advanced material field to achieve a strategic transition from tracking and imitation to leading original innovation development. We must accurately grasp the major development trends of advanced materials and actively seize the commanding heights of the cutting-edge material technology. The focus should be on the high-quality development of the advanced material industry, to break through key technologies for upgrading the basic material industry, and to significantly enhance the international competitiveness for the advanced material industry. Attentions will be paid to the improvement of the innovation ability of advanced materials in the whole industry chain, based on the system and mechanism innovation, and efficient advanced material innovation system construction with comprehensive functions such as materials research and development, evaluation/characterization/standards, application development, iterative improvement, talent training, and international cooperation. By 2035, a material technology powerhouse will be built with powerful original leading ability, strong support and guaranteed ability, and a solid foundation for sustainable development, and the advanced material industry will be entered into the high-end of the global value chain. 

Keywords: advanced materials, innovation capacity, development strategy

Brief Introduction of Speaker
Jianxin Xie

Ph.D of Engineering, professor of University ofScience and Technology Beijing, academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering. He serves as the vice chairman of the National Advanced Materials Industry Development Expert Advisory Committee affiliated with the State Council, PRC, the vice president of the Chinese Materials Research Society (C-MRS), and the chairman of the National Expert Group for Materials Genome Engineering during the "13th Five-Year Plan" period. His research focuses on the controlled solidification and advanced metal forming, the intelligent materials processing technology, and the key technologies of materials genome engineering. He has won three awards of National Technology Invention Award and National Science and Technology Progress Award.