First Round Notice - International Forum on Intelligent Metallurgy and Materials

Source: - Release date: 2023-08-14


3rd International Forum on Intelligent Metallurgy & Materials

October 27-29, 2023. Beijing, China

The 3rd International Forum on Intelligent Metallurgy and Materials is well defined and aims to offer a great opportunity for the experts in metallurgy and materials research areas to share their knowledge and new scientific/technical achievements, and to discuss the common challenges and potentially pathways for future developments in application of AI in metallurgy and materials industry, therefore, to expedite the progress of intelligent manufacturing technology in metallurgy and materials industry. 

I. Forum Themes

The scope of the forum discussions includes, but is not limited to, the following aspects:

·       Big data in materials and manufacturing research

·       Intelligent design and manufacturing technology of materials industry

·       Application of artificial intelligence in metallurgical engineering

·       Numerical simulation and intelligent control in metallurgical processes

II. Timeline

15 September 2023:     Deadline for abstract submission

18 September 2023:    Notice of acceptance

30 September 2023:    Deadline for early registration and fee payment

27-29 October 2023:    Forum registration, opening ceremony, keynotes & presentations

III. Organising Committee

Forum Chairs: 

Jianxin Xie            University of Science and Technology Beijing (USTB) & Beijing Advanced Innovation Centre for Materials Genome Engineering, China

Hongbiao Dong     University of Leicester (UoL), UK

Local Host: 

Beijing Yunzhi Materials Big Data Research Institute

Supporting Institutions:

·       Department of Engineering and Materials Science, National Natural Science Foundation of China

·       Department of Chemical, Metallurgical and Materials Engineering, Chinese Academy of Engineering

·       Royal Academy of Engineering, UK

Academic Committee Chairs: Xinping Mao (USTB, China), Zikui Liu (PSU, USA), Gareth Conduit (Cambridge & Intellegens, UK)  

Academic Committee: Dariusz Ceglarek (Warwick), Yunqiang Fan (Aluminum Corp of China), Qiang Feng (USTB), Zhanli Guo (Sentesoftware), Tanvir Hussain (Nottingham), Andrew Kao (Greemwich), Steven Kenny (Loughborough), Mingliang Qiao (Nanjing Iron & Steel Co., Ltd), Alan Scholes (MPI), Joel Strickland (Intellegens), Yanjing Su (USTB), Baode Sun (SJTU), Xinyun Wang (HUST), Nils Warnken (Birmingham), Shuquan Zhang (Beihang), Yuhong Zhao (USTB) 

Organizing Committee Chairs: Luning Wang (USTB), Maryam Khaksar Ghalati (UoL)  

Organizing Committee: Hao Chen (THU), Lei Deng (HUST), Huadong Fu (USTB), Zihui Dong (CAS), Dongnan Huang (Aluminum Corporation of China), Jia Li (Beihang), Jun Li (SJTU), Da Shu (SJTU), Qing Tao(UoL), Shuize Wang (USTB), Dawei Zhang (USTB), Lei Zhang (USTB), Jianbo Zhang (UoL), Nanfu Zong (UoL)

Secretaries-General: Huadong Fu (USTB), Shuize Wang (USTB), Gauri Mahalle (UOL), Nanfu Zong (UoL)

V. Forum Location:  Beijing, China

VI. Registration Information

Forum Registration Fee:

·       Professional Attendees/ Industry Representatives: 1700 yuan/person for early registration (before September 30), 2000 yuan/person for on-site registration.

·       Student Representatives: 1000 yuan/person for early registration (before September 30), 1200 yuan/person for on-site registration.

VII. Contact Information

Official Email:

Forum Website:

Contact Persons: 

Huadong Fu (Domestic - Materials Field): (+86) 13426356323 

Shuize Wang (Domestic - Metallurgy Field): (+86) 18618367358 

Nanfu Zong (International): (+44) 116 252 2528, (+44) 7570301099

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